M2 SIF courses in Rennes

Course title Course shorthand and link
Advanced Cloud Infrastructures ACI
Advanced Architectures ADA
Making data speak: advanced probabilistic data analysis and modeling ADM
Analysis, Interpretation and Recognition of 2D (touch) and 3D Gestures for New Man-Machine Interactions AIR
Advanced Semantics ASM
Advanced Wireless Networks : 5G and beyond AWN
Big Data Storage and Processing Infrastructures BSI
Category Theory, Monads and Computation CAT
Computer Graphics : Rendering and Modeling 3D Scenes CG
Complex Systems Verification CSV
Cryptanalysis CRA
Computer Vision CV
Data and Knowledge Management: Feeding artificial intelligence with data DKM
Deep Learning for Vision DLV
Data Mining and Visualization DMV
The Art Of Domain-Specific Languages: Let’s Hack Our Own Languages! DSL
Game Theory and Applications GTA
Models and Algorithms for Distributed systems and softwares MAD
Motion for Animation and Robotics MAR
Optimizing and Parallelizing Compilers OPC
Proofs of Security PRS
Image Representation, Editing and Perception REP
Data Security for Intellectual Property and Privacy SED
Security Protocols SEP
Security Implementation for Cryptography SIMP
Supervised Machine Learning SML
Scalable Networks Infrastuctures for Optimized Services Delivery SNI
Software Security SOS
Virtual Reality and Multi-Sensory Interaction VRI