Cryptanalysis (CRA)


The objective of this cryptographic module is to provide students with fundamental knowledge in the field cryptanalysis. This course is important to detect and understand how basic and advanced cryptanalytic techniques work against symmetric-key and public-key cryptosystems. It will present many examples and help to better construct secure schemes.


Symmetric-Key and Public-Key Cryptanalysis.


Basic notions in cryptography and Algebra.


  • Symmetric-Key Cryptanalysis
    • Meet-in-the-middle, guess-and-determines attacks
    • Differential Cryptanalysis (Distinguishers and Key recovery)
    • Linear Cryptanalysis
    • Advanced Techniques: Boomerang, higher-order differential, SASAS,..
  • Public-Key Cryptanalysis
    • 20 years of attacks against RSA and Coppersmith Attacks
    • Attacks on Elliptic-Curve Cryptosystems
    • Attacks on lattice-based cryptography (subset sum, NTRU)
    • Attacks on other Post-Quantum Cryptosystems (multivariate,...)

Learning outcomes

The knowledge necessary to understand and break basic symmetric-key and public-key cryptosystems.


  • A Classical Introduction to Cryptography by Serge Vaudenay
  • Algorithmic Cryptanalysis by Antoine Joux
  • Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography by Steven Galbraith

Teaching staff

Patrick Derbez (resp), Alexandre Wallet