Virtual Reality and Multi-Sensory Interaction (VRI)


This course provides a broad introduction about the development and research challenges in the field of virtual reality. Due to the multidisiplinarity of virtual reality research this course will made an specific focus to three main fields (1) the model and simulation of virtual worls (physical and behavour simulation), (2) the user's mental models of such virtual worlds (perception), and (3) the means to interact with them (human-computer interaction).


Virtual Reality, 3D Interaction, Haptics, Physical Simulation, User Perception




Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Definition
  • Human Factors
  • Technological Aspects of Virtual Reality
  • Design of Virtual Worlds
  • Applications
Interaction in Virtual Reality
  • The Interaction Loop
  • Interaction Techniques
  • Input and output devices
  • User Experience and Evaluation
  • Emerging Technologies: BCI
Physicalizing Virtual Worlds
  • Haptic Interfaces and Interaction
  • Physical Simulation and Haptic Rendering
  • Haptic Perception
  • Pseudo-Haptics

Learning outcomes


Fernando Argelaguet (responsible), Anatole Lécuyer, Bruno Arnaldi