Qualifications required

Applicants to the Research in Computer Science Master must have completed the first year of a Master’s in Computer Science, or an equivalent Computer Science qualification. The admission committee must give its approval. The committee meets no later than the first week of July.

Language levels required

A good knowledge of English is mandatory: all the lecture notes are in English, and most lectures are given in English. Moreover a level equivalent to TCF B2 (or CEFR B2) in French is recommended. More information on these levels can be obtained from the French Embassy in your country, the Alliance Française ( or Campus France ( Please also see the page of the Council of Europe or the following pages of the French ministry of foreign affairs.

Registration fees

Registration fees are fixed by the French Government every year. Whichever the MRI Master’s institution chosen, they are thus similar. For information purposes, the registration fees for students of the MRI Master’s at the University of Rennes 1 and at INSA Rennes in 2010-2011 were as follows: MRI fees: 237 euros; preventive health care: 4.57 euros; social security: 200 euros.

Grants from the Fondation Rennes 1

One of the aims of the action Métivier, from the Fondation Rennes 1 is to encourage promising students to follow the Research in Computer Science Master by offering Master’s grants to French or foreign students. The grants are awarded on the basis of academic excellence. The application procedures and application forms for these grants are available here (the english version is on page bottom).

Note: you must submit this application form to apply for a grant from the Fondation, but you also need to fill in an application form for the Research in Computer Science Master.