Courses in Rennes (updated 07/04/2018!)

In Rennes, a wide variety of courses if offered, according to different research topic. Each student should propose a coherent subset of 12 courses, ordered by preferences. Please use the menu on the right to refine your choices by topics (several topics can be mixed). Click on a course to see its content. Use this page to test the timetable compatibilities between your courses.

Advanced Design of Computer Systems
Data Science
Foundations of software
Information Security
Networking and Mobility
Image and interactions
Cloud and distributed edge computing
Theoretical Computer Science
Machine Learning
Courses Tracks
Advanced Cloud Infrastructures
ACI Christine Morin
Advanced Architectures
ADA André Seznec
Making data speak: advanced probabilistic data analysis and modeling
ADM Guillaume Gravier
Analysis, Interpretation and Recognition of 2D (touch)
and 3D Gestures for New Man-Machine Interactions
AIR Eric Anquetil
Advanced Semantics
ASM David Cachera
Advanced Wireless Networks : 5G and beyond
AWN Xavier Lagrange
Big Data Storage and Processing Infrastructures
BSI Gabriel Antoniu
Computer Graphics : Rendering and Modeling 3D Scenes
CG Rémi Cozot
Complex Systems Verification
CSV Nathalie Bertrand
Computer Vision
CV Eric Marchand
Data and Knowledge Management: Feeding artificial intelligence with data
DKM Zoltan Miklos
Deep Learning for Vision
DLV Yannis Avrithis
Data Mining and Visualization
DMV Alexandre Termier
The Art Of Domain-Specific Languages:
Let’s Hack Our Own Languages!
DSL Jean-Marc Jézéquel
Software Vulnerabilities
EVL Sandrine Blazy
Graph Data Processing
GDP Pierre Vandergheynst
Game Theory and Applications
GTA Patrick Maillé
High-Dimensional Statistical Learning
HDL Rémi Gribonval
Models and Algorithms for Distributed systems and softwares
MAD Eric Fabre
Motion for Animation and Robotics
MAR Marc Christie
Principles of Model Checking
MVFA Sophie Pinchinat
Optimizing and Parallelizing Compilers
OPC Steven Derrien
Performance Evaluation using Queueing Networks
PQN Gerardo Rubino
Euclidean Lattices for Cryptography
REC Christophe Ritzenthaler
Image Representation, Editing and Perception
REP Olivier Le Meur
Data Security for Intellectual Property and Privacy
SED Guillaume Piolle
SEM David Cachera
Security Protocols
SEP Barbara Kordy
Security Implementation for Cryptography
SIMP Benoît Gerard
Supervised Machine Learning
SML François Coste
Scalable Networks Infrastuctures for Optimized Services Delivery
SNI Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul
Software Security
SOS Thomas Jensen
Solvers Principles and Architectures
SPA Khalil Ghorbal
Operating System Security
SSE Mickael Gallier
Security Supervision
SUP Valérie Viet Triem Tong
Vocal and Acoustic Interactions
VAI Frédéric Bimbot
Virtual Reality and Multi-Sensory Interaction
VRI Fernando Argelaguet