Modification of web pages


To modify a web page:

  • Login as a professor (Login/logout link at the bottom of every web page of the site).
  • The login and password was sent to you at the start of the academic year. In case you forget the information, ask it to
  • Navigate to the page you wish to modify.
  • Click in the edit icon, appearing at the top right of every page you are authorized to modify. If the edition icon does not appear, first refresh the page (control-R). If the icon still does not appear, it simply means that you are not authorized to modify the page.
  • Modify the page using the on-line html editor.
  • Save your modifications (Save button).
  • Logout (Login/logout button at the bottom of every page)


Page update is immediate, there is no mean to backtrack the page to its previous version.

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