I am not registered at the University of Rennes 1 but I need a computer account

You need to ask B. Maret (secr-m2-info-rech@univ-rennes1.fr) for a temporary registration ("dossier passager"). Once filled, the form has to be given/sent to the deans office of the University of Rennes 1.

I am being asked for an internship agreement to extend my internship to July and August

A non-compulsory internship agreement may be drawn up in this case.

Note 1: if you are also registered on an engineering program, the engineer’s qualification is generally awarded in September. The internship agreement may be issued by the institution at which you are taking the engineering qualification. Note that the University of Rennes 1 does not offer the same pay for compulsory and non-compulsory internships.

Note 2: for the July-August period you can also be employed as a temporary employee.

Am I authorized to write my internship report or my bibliography in English?


I’m not receiving the information about the Master’s

Send an email to the Master’s Program Director(s) (m2r_resp@listes.irisa.fr) to be added to the mailing list.

I would like to sit in on the lectures

If you are not already registered at the university or do not belong to a laboratory, you need to register to sit in on the lectures (cost: around 32 euros). This will enable you to sit in on the lectures and will give you access to the documentation services.

What form should the Master’s internship report take?

The internship report should be between 35 and 50 pages (including any references and appendices) and should cover the research aspects of your internship (bibliography, new results, description of experiments, etc., but no lists or presentation of the research team). There are no restrictions regarding the word-processing software used (LaTeX, Word, etc.). Pay particular attention to the bibliographical references.

Can the internship defense take place in September?

This is not possible except for special cases (internship abroad, etc.). The internship defense must take place before the June exam panel meeting. For those wishing to continue their internship work, a summer internship may be possible.

Can I do my Master’s internship abroad?

This is possible provided that the internship is carried out within a recognized research team. You must make sure, however, that a local research team is in contact with the foreign research team.

I need to retake a written exam in June but I am unable to attend. Is it possible to take the exam orally?

It is not possible as this would require a third exam session to be organized.

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