Colloquium (COLQ)

The colloquium is an introduction exercise to oral academic presentations. The colloquium takes place in early February. The presentation should offer an overview of current research on the subject of the internship (oral equivalent of BIBL).

Organization and evaluation

  • The dates of the colloquium can be found in the Dates page.
  • The evaluation form used by the panel can be found here.

Some pieces of advice

Regarding the talk organization and presentation

  • As the presentation lasts for 15 minutes, you should have no more than 10 slides.
  • Some documents about presentations are available: GivingATalk.pdf (in English) and typography rules (in French).
  • Seeing as COLQ is a colloquium on your bibliographic study, precise bibliographical references (authors and year) should appear on your slides.

Regarding the talk contents

  • Your presentation should be able to be understood by someone who is not necessarily from the same field. It is therefore a good idea to outline the general framework of your subject, then the reasons why you chose your particular internship subject.
  • The next part of your presentation should set out the main ideas of the articles that you have read, grouping them together in a suitable way and structuring them clearly and logically. This part may be more “technical” but should not be beyond the understanding of the panel. Your presentation should not only include the works that will be directly used during your internship; you should rather give a broader view of the state of the art and motivate the works that will be used.
  • In your conclusion, you should situate your internship subject in relation to the various works that you have presented, explaining how you will attempt to address the aspect that interests you by basing your ideas on existing works and considering new solutions.

Typical outline of a presentation

  • Introduction to the context of the internship, in order to motivate the presentation organization
  • Presentation of the state of the art, with explicit mentions to the works you are presenting
  • Conclusion explaining how you plan to address your internship subject based on the strength and weaknesses of the state of the art